The Universal Exchange Basic Income (RBIU) has taken a new step with the latest functionality implemented by our team. Now, users can directly connect their products and services with their communities through RBIU Groups on WhatsApp.

RBIU has been a pioneer in promoting an exchange system based on the social currency called λóγος (Logos) through basic income. The platform allows users to exchange products and services, as well as publish their needs in a virtual marketplace. With the introduction of the new functionality, RBIU has taken the exchange experience to a more personal and local level.

Direct Connection with Communities

Once users have joined RBIU Groups on WhatsApp through their in-app profiles, they have the unique opportunity to directly advertise their products and services to their communities. This feature allows for a faster and more direct connection between those looking to trade and those offering products or services in a specific location.

One Publication, One Opportunity

The new functionality has been intelligently designed to ensure that users use this tool effectively. Each user can make a direct publication in the RBIU WhatsApp Groups, ensuring that the information is clear and accurate. This limitation also encourages relevance and prevents post saturation, ensuring a more effective sharing experience for everyone.

Expanding Local Exchange Opportunities

By allowing users to share their products and services directly in their local communities via WhatsApp, RBIU has paved the way for more active and meaningful sharing. This function not only facilitates the transition from the traditional economy to a more sustainable and collaborative model, but also strengthens community ties.


RBIU’s latest functionality demonstrates the platform’s continued commitment to innovation and improving the user experience. By directly connecting users to their communities, RBIU is not only facilitating exchange, but also building a bridge between people and fostering a deeper sense of community.

Discover how this new functionality can transform your local exchange experience! Together, we are building a more collaborative and sustainable future.