Universal basic income is a proposal that consists of granting every person a periodic amount of money without conditions or requirements. Its objective is to guarantee a minimum level of income to cover basic needs and allow people to live with dignity and freedom.


Universal basic income has been the subject of various experiments and studies in several countries, with varied results. Some of the most relevant statistical data are as follows:


  • In Finland, a basic income trial was conducted between 2017 and 2018, in which 2,000 unemployed individuals were given €560 monthly. The study concluded that basic income did not increase employment but improved the well-being, confidence, and satisfaction of the beneficiaries¹.
  • In Kenya, the largest basic income experiment in the world is underway, providing $22 monthly to over 10,000 people for 12 years. Initial results indicate that basic income has reduced hunger, poverty, and stress, while increasing consumption, savings, and investment².
  • In Spain, the minimum living income has been approved, a non-universal benefit targeting the most vulnerable households. It is estimated to benefit around 850,000 households with a cost of about €3 billion annually³.


Some of the most recent news about the universal basic income sector includes:


  • Sumar Galicia proposes a universal income of €600 per month for Galicians aged 18 to 30. The political party believes this measure would promote the emancipation, education, and entrepreneurial capacity of young people⁴.
  • Aliou Diallo, researcher and professor at the University of Girona, defends universal basic income as a necessary instrument for social justice. Diallo subject basic income to an intersectional analysis, taking into account gender, race, and class dimensions⁵.
  • Andrew Yang, advocate for minimum income for Wall Street City. The Democrat is the favorite in his party’s primaries for the New York City mayoral elections. Yang became famous for advocating for a $1,000 monthly check for adults in the last race for the White House⁶.

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Source: Conversation with Bing, 20/1/2024

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