RBIU is a project that aims at driving a transformation of the ways in which individuals consume and interact among themselves in order to promote a more sustainable and equitable use of our resources, allowing for an economic development that seeks the satisfaction of everyone’s needs. For this reason, we want the commercial sector’s collaboration.  

Shops and businesses that participate in RBIU offer the project’s users the possibility of making a partial payment in λóγος, promote the local economy and create the possibility for solidary exchanges within the community.  

RBIU is a project that is concerned with the current socioeconomic reality of our society. With the objective of having a positive impact on people’s lives, RBIU wants to collaborate and collaborates with a diverse set of actors in society because it is only together that we can create a real change. The commercial sector is extremely important for RBIU’s efforts because it is the nexus that unites people in their quest to satisfy their needs and allows them to economically interact within their community.  

Join the project and help us build a better world!

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Let’s collaborate and build a better world for all. Only with your participation can we bring into fruition all the benefits and wellbeing a project such as RBIU can create.