About the project

Who is driving this project?

RBIU is the idea of Fundació Equilibri, a non-profit organization with almost 20 years of experience uniting technology and development cooperation. We have proposed to create a Universal Exchange Basic Income (RBIU) through our own social electronic currency, called λóγος (Logos), of current and legal use, in order to offer a modest income, but sufficient to cover the basic needs of life.  

The ultimate goal is to eradicate poverty and foster local economic interactions by giving value to those things that are invisible or unvalued in our current system. RBIU is meant to be a new type of exchange, complementary and distinct from any type of money used today. 

What is the RBIU?

The Universal Exchange Basic Income-RBIU is a universal contribution, monthly and continuous over time, available to anyone without any type of requirement or additional cost for users.  

The contribution is made through the currency λóγοs (Logos), a free electronic currency based on Blockchain, where the amount of contributions is related to the poverty level of each country. 

How does it work?

The availability of the Logos currency will facilitate a system of exchange based on trust between people, organizations, businesses, administrations and national and international institutions, which voluntarily decide to create a chain of value, support and collaboration, with the basic objective of guaranteeing a minimum of real freedom of decision for all people. 

Who can apply for the RBIU?

Anyone from the age of 14 can apply regardless of their income, number of people in the family unit, etc. 

What requirements must I meet to receive the RBIU?

The RBIU is Unconditional. All people have the right to receive it and they will  always have it. There are no additional conditions that prevent you, regardless of your financial, personal or employment situation. 

How can I receive my contribution?

The Universal Exchange Basic Income offers an electronic income through a virtual currency λóγος  (logos) that will be requested through the RBIU App. 

How often will I receive it?

Eachyearthe person will receive in his e-wallet an amount determined in  λorγος  that corresponds to the level of income of his country.  

How can I apply for it?

The Rent is requested through the website or App of the RBIU project (rbiu.org) and once approved, by a certified entity, and having received the income it will be possible to exchange goods and services anywhere in the world through the RBIU App. 

About our virtual currency

What are Logos?

λóγοs, Logos, is a secure and free electronic social currency based on Blockchain and issued by  the Universal Exchange Basic Income Bank-BRBIU. 

How many Logos does each person receive?

The maximum amount of contributions with λóγοsLogos, which each user will receive, will be equivalent to the minimum income considered as a poverty line in the country where they live. 

These amounts are regulated and adjusted over time by the corresponding commissions of each country and automatically guaranteed by smart contracts. 

What is the value of λóγοs (Logos)?

Money is a kind of language. We agree on its meaning and that agreement is why it has value. Euros or any other legal tender work the same way. 

The value of the Logos is correlated with the value of the local currency. If you sell your guitar in Logos, or do a project for someone, and you get paid with Logos, this value goes into the system, stays in the community and circulates. We believe that this is as real a “value” behind our currency as it is behind the other coins in circulation at the moment. Another characteristic of the λorγοs, Logos, is that they never fluctuate.

How many λóγοs (Logos) I will receive monthly ?

The amount of λóγοs, Logos, to be received shall not exceed the equivalent of the poverty line. The main objective of the project is the eradication of poverty. Between 50%and75% of the poverty level of each country shall be assigned to each person or family group with offspring. 

When users’ currency reserves fall below the maximum threshold, they will receive their contributions again on a regular basis.  

Can logos be exchanged abroad?

Yes, exchanges can be used at local, national or international level, at no cost or limitation. 

What are the benefits of Logos for my business?

The acquisition of new customers and the loyalty of consumers prioritizing the consumption of shops and services of proximity. 

Consequently, the increase in turnover and revenue from purchases of new customer profile. 

What is BRBIU?

The Banco de la Renta Básica de Intercambio Universal-BRBIU is the non-profit entity that will issue the Universal Exchange Coins, λóγοs, Logos, which will be provided to users in an electronic, free, secure and traceable form. All the issuance of electronic currencies that use Blockchain technology will be done through Smart Contracts -previously agreed contracts- with each coordination and monitoring commission of the RBIU of each country. All issues of  λóγοs, Logos, will be registered, validated and audited by the Universal Exchange Basic Income Bank-BRBIU.  

E-Wallet, the electronic wallet

What is e-wallet?

It is an electronic wallet, that is, an application where the entry of the RBIU will be made periodically. 

How can I access my e-wallet?

You can access the e-wallet through a mobile or a computer. 

What does it take to register?

An invitation will be required from two people who are already active users of the RBIU to endorse your incorporation and to regularly validate your living situation. Users identify themselves with their personal data and guarantee that these are correct, legal and that they are endorsed by an official document. 

Is it compatible with other subsidies or basic incomes ?

Yes. Since being an alternative economic system acts as a basic income that is obtained unconditionally and independently of the subsidies, pensions that may be being paid by a government or an administration. 

Why does RBIU use blockchain technology?

RBIU uses blockchain, a single registry, agreed and distributed across multiple nodes of a network. In the case of virtual currencies, we can think of it as the ledger where each of the transactions is recorded. Being a distributed technology, where each node of the network stores an exact copy of the chain, the availability of the information is guaranteed at all times.  Being a consensual record, where all nodes contain the same information, it is impossible to alter it, ensuring its integrity.  All the information recorded in the blocks is immutable and perpetual. 

In this way blockchain technology allows us to store information that can never be lost, modified or deleted.