What world do we want to create?

We want to end Poverty worldwide.

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  • Turning everyone into producers and entrepreneurs through a collaborative exchange economy, based on the electronic currency λóγος (Logos).

  • Letting all people have a Basic Income of Universal Exchange in λóγος.


  • Every month it will be delivered to each person in a non-cumulative way, an equivalent amount of λóγος of between 50% and 75% of the poverty level of each country. 


  • Through an App, people can make exchanges in λóγος and access their financial information.


What do we want for the Basic Income of Universal Exchange? RBIU

  • That the RBIU is accessible and usable for all people.

  • That it is a clear driving force and transformation element for people, turning them into producers and entrepreneurs.
  • To create a global alliance that generates protection, trust, security, collaboration, transformation and service among all people. 

  • That provides clear benefits at a personal, local, national and global level, in a way that helps in the global economic and social improvement.

How do we need to organise ourselves :


  • With multidisciplinary governing bodies worldwide:
    1. A RBIU Foundation that directs, governs, maintains the principles and good practices.
    2. A Bank Foundation that issues the λóγος and that guarantees transparency, security and traceability.
    3. A Technological Fundation that developes tech projects .
  • Through international entities from different fields, which provide computer servers, where electronic transactions are collected and audited in a joint, traceable and secure way, through blockchain technology.
  • With promoters that facilitate training, implementation, support and proper use of the App for users. 


  • Willingness to serve.
  • Non- Profit Project.
  • Collaboration, trust, transparency, integrity and commitment on the part of all the people, institutions, management and government bodies involved with the project.
  • Common sense and balanced value creation for all stakeholders.
  • Respect for the basic principles of the project: planning, execution, verification and continuos improvements.
  • Innovation, quality and agility.
  • Security, reliability, traceability and confidentiality of all information.
  • Energy sustainability.