On June 2, the pilot project for the implementation of the Basic Universal Exchange Income, RBIU, began in Bolivia, specifically in the university canteen of Fundación Equilibri.

This pilot test consisted of introducing the electronic and social currency, λóγοs (Logos), as an exchange currency in the acquisition of daily menus within the university canteen. 1 λóγοs a day could be used in the dining room menu. Thus, if the subsidized price of the meal was 8.5 bolivianos, with the introduction of the RBIU, it has become 7.5 bolivianos plus 1 λóγοs.

The first λóγοs running test at the university canteen of Fundación Equilibri, which ended on 15 July, has been a success. The following data show this culmination:

  • 94 exchanges
  • 1800 λóγοs exchanged
  • 134 total users

The good welcome of the initiative facilitates the continuity and expansion of the project within the university community of Bolivia. The next step that the RBIU wants to promote is to enable the exchange of goods or services between the different individuals in the group.