Some of the facts that have led us to create the UBI project are:

  • One of the main challenges of our time is growing inequality. The coronavirus crisis has accelerated this trend.
  • 45% of the world’s population has an income lower than US $ 5.50 / day.
  • Nowadays, having a job is no longer a guarantee of well-being or economic security. We work more hours, and the work is more unstable and precarious.
  • The 22 richest men in the world have more wealth than all women in Africa.
  • It seems clear that, in the long run, technology can replace current human labour and that the impact of this replacement will have significant consequences for the labour market.
  • More voices are rising in favour of a universal basic income as a measure to ensure a dignified life for everyone.

Without any doubt, these are facts that show the delicate situation we are facing regarding equal opportunity options.

We, as Fundació Equilibri, have set out to create a Basic Universal Exchange Income (RBIU) using our own social electronic currency called λóγος (Logos), current and legal, to be able to offer a modest income, but enough to cover the basic needs.

What do we propose?

Read the executive summary in this website Documentation section.

Alone, we cannot achieve this challenge, join us and let’s end poverty.