Always seeking to cover individual and community needs, the RBIU team has implemented a new feature in the app: NEEDS.

This new section of RBIU aims to be another tool made available to users so that they can publish what they are looking for or need, both goods and services.

It is a good opportunity to promote contact, collaboration, and trust between users. One more tool for community and active participation. With it, users help and bond, another of the aims pursued by the project.

In this new section, each user can publish the product or service they are looking for and categorize it, so that the search market is always well organized. Users make their needs visible so that the community can help, either by offering the product or service, or by communicating where it can be found.

Each published product has a personal chat, a private space to communicate about needs and future exchanges. There will be as many chats as there are users interested in covering the published need, in this way more personal spaces will be generated in which to interact with confidence.

We believe that this can be one more channel in the search for our final objective, facing the different facets of poverty and inequalities.

If you are already an RBIU user, enter the section and post what you need, so other users will help you find it. If you are not yet part of this new community, you can write to us at and we will inform you of everything related to the project and how you can become part.