Rbiu.org: Sharing Solidarity and Resources in Bolivia

Rbiu.org is a collaborative platform where users in Bolivia can offer products, services, and even post their needs, all backed by the social currency called λóγος (Logos), which facilitates exchanges within the community.

One of the main objectives of this platform is to promote solidarity among its members, encourage the reuse of products, and build a strong community based on mutual aid.

Continuous Growth in Bolivia

The Rbiu.org network in Bolivia continues to grow, both in the number of registered users and in the diversity of products available on the platform.

Equilibri University Dining Hall

An inspiring example of how Rbiu.org is making a difference is the Equilibri University Dining Hall. This dining hall offers lunches that remain available at the end of the day through the platform. Students with greater needs can access these lunches through an exchange of just 10λ.

Additionally, the dining hall rewards new students who choose the service for the entire month by offering them a free lunch as a gesture of welcome and solidarity.

The Contribution of Catalonia’s Futbol Club Montacada

The collaboration between Rbiu.org and Catalonia’s Futbol Club Montacada has allowed high-quality sports clothing, such as tracksuits, jerseys, pants, and anoraks, to be made available to the Sucre community for exchange on the platform. This type of collaboration demonstrates how borders can blur for the benefit of all.

Products, Services, and Solidarity: What Users Offer

Users of Rbiu.org post a variety of products and services on the platform. From items they no longer use that could be useful to others to services such as drawing classes or guidance on artificial intelligence tools. This diversity of offerings enables community members to meet their needs sustainably and collaboratively.

The Needs Section: A Space for Mutual Aid

A noteworthy feature of Rbiu.org is its “needs” section, which has gained popularity rapidly. Users can post their personal needs, such as the case of a member looking for a bed for their one-year-old daughter. The community mobilizes to help, demonstrating how together they can make a difference in someone’s life.

Join the Rbiu.org Community

If you wish to join this initiative and be part of the Rbiu.org community, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We will send you an invitation to join this platform of solidarity and collaboration.


Rbiu.org is much more than a platform; it is a testament to how solidarity and collaboration can improve people’s lives. It contributes to making Rbiu.org a space where everyone, regardless of their circumstances, can find support and meet their needs, and thus, together, build a more solid future. Join today and be part of this community that changes lives!