The RBIU project continues to advance in Bolivia thanks to the collaboration of local social entities that seek new forms of social development, to generate well-being and sustainable growth.

We are lucky to have Fundación Tréveris as a strategic ally in this new challenge for Fundació Equilibri. This entity seeks to contribute to the training and human development of young people immersed in situations of marginality and poverty, strengthening their capacities and own resources to improve their quality of life. That is why the RBIU project fits your needs to structure your activity and give added value to all your ventures.

RBIU provides a meeting place between the individuals who participate in the institution, including coordinators, volunteers, beneficiaries and entrepreneurs, generating a space for collaboration that may not find a place in the formal economy. Within this activity, the social currency λóγος (logos) plays a fundamental role, since it will serve as a means of exchange in the different activities and exchanges carried out within the scope of the Tréveris Foundation.

After signing the agreement at the end of 2022, we began the collaboration with the socialization and adaptation of the RBIU platform to the needs of the institution. The work has been simple thanks to the total involvement of those responsible and users and the synergies between both foundations is evident. In recent weeks, there have been several meetings between those responsible, both from Fundación Tréveris and Fundación Equilibri, to fine-tune the collaboration and the RBIU platform.

The activity of the RBIU platform and app begins with training open to the different interested parties in Tréveris, in which the user registration processes, product and service registration, exchange and invitation to other interested persons are explained. The reception of the new RBIU social initiative is very good. The project has generated interest and expectations among future users and we hope it can have a positive impact on the different activities of the Tréveris Foundation.

We want to thank Fundación Equilibri Bolívia and Fundació Tréveris for all the work that has been carried out to date, the climate of trust and the cohesion shown, all of which are important factors for the good results of the RBIU project.