One of the challenges of our time is the growing inequality among the population. 45% of the world’s population has an income of less than US $ 5.50 / day and it is no longer a guarantee of well-being or economic security to have a job. This situation, together with the fact that in the future technology will be able to replace human work, will have terrible consequences on the labour market. For these reasons, more and more voices that trust in the creation of a universal income to guarantee a dignified life for all people are emerging.

And this is precisely what we propose from Fundació Equilibri: the creation of a Universal Exchange Basic Income (RBIU) through its own social electronic currency called λóγος (Logos).

The main objectives of the RBIU project are:

  • Reduce inequality and eradication of poverty.
  • Improve the economic well-being of people so they can choose where to allocate their resources.
  • Promote entrepreneurship and exchange between people by creating a collaborative economy ecosystem.
  • Promote the local productive fabric.

To make it real we need your support individually or as a group, representing an entity or company.

Join RBIU and help us end poverty!