Fundació Equilibri, Technology and Cooperation, is a non-profit organization established in 2002 that, through its international cooperation programs, promotes university education in South countries and promotes technological projects aimed at social action.

To finance the projects and make them self-sustainable, they offer IT services mainly to non-profit organizations.

Its mission is to invest in university education and skills for underprivileged young people from rural areas in the most vulnerable countries, to develop their full potential, facilitate their entry into the labour market and generate sustainable change.

Some of the programs it develops are:

  • Granting of microcredits to university students.
  • Implementation of canteens that guarantee access to healthy food for students.
  • Development of vocational training programs for young people and women that promote employment integration.
  • Sale of fair-trade products to alleviate the economic needs of the poorest communities.
  • Support for research and development of technology-based projects.

Knowing, therefore, the foundation, the project of creating a Universal Exchange Basic Income responds perfectly to its values. Equilibri’s focus is on achieving the goals set through a basic income that is articulated through its own social electronic currency called λóγος (Logos).

The project is in the incubation phase. An e-wallet is currently being developed to receive the monthly basic income. In a short-term period, a pilot project is planned to be developed in a limited area to validate the model.

As the Fundació Equilibri likes to say, “True progress makes technology accessible to everyone.”