10% of the world’s population lives in extreme poverty, which means living on less than $ 1.90 a day. 

16% of the world’s population lives in multidimensional poverty with less than $ 3.20 a day, these people, although they have more income, have difficulty accessing basic goods such as: drinking water, education, sanitation, transportation … These two Poverty groups are in low-income developing countries.

In high-income countries there is also poverty.

16% of people live on less than $ 5.50 a day.

In addition, according to a United Nations study, working does not mean getting out of poverty since 700 million workers in the world are poor, living on less than $ 3.20 a day.

The first of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals is to eradicate poverty by 2030. A great challenge that in all probability will not be met and even more so now that the coronavirus pandemic has led into poverty of thousands of people throughout the world.

The Basic Income of Universal Exchange is a tool with which we want to contribute to the process of eradicating poverty.

How does it work?

All the people in the world have at their disposal every month the amount necessary to avoid living in poverty and not to fall into it. It is an amount that is set according to the poverty threshold determined by each country.

The great particularity of the Universal Exchange Basic Income is that it is received as an electronic currency called λóγος.

This currency cannot be exchanged for an official currency, its value is based on the trust that people give it.

It allows you to exchange goods and services around the world through your electronic wallet.

All you need is a mobile phone or a computer to access the electronic wallet and have your RBIU. From that moment you can start exchanging goods and services.

People living in poverty can use their λóγος to access goods that they cannot now and that make them remain in this situation of poverty: food, medicine, education …

In addition, people can offer goods and services and earn λóγος which favors economic activity and personal empowerment since they find an alternative source of income.Now you know more about the Basic Income of Universal Exchange and its benefits, if you want to contribute to reduce poverty and support an economic system in which everyone can participate, sign up and help keep the project going.